A workshop with Guru Dharam Khalsa BAcC RCHM

En présentiel à Satnam Montmartre et sur zoom, le 3 mars de 19h à 21h30

The practice featured in this class is one which initiates the devotee into an activation of the sacred feminine aspects of higher consciousness. The cultivation of cosmic synchrony, the recognition of kinship with the great void, the acquisition of core intuition and the capacity to develop a magnetic receptivity to the divine are the key qualities that come with practice of Yoni Mudra.

Lock these quintessential elements of Shakti presence into your psyche to enrich your spiritual journey and provide the basis for the attainment of Siddhis- the extra ordinary powers of perception and action.

Come to excel and accelerate your Spirit Journey.

Tarifs : 49 euros en présentiel – 29 euros sur zoom

Réservation via Mindbody-Satnam Montmartre