A workshop with Guru Dharam Khalsa BAcC RCHM

En présentiel à Satnam Montmartre, le 7 janvier de 19h à 21h30 et le 8 janvier de 10h à 17h30

This workshop introduces some mystical themes of Kabbalah. How planetary cycles influence your life and how to harness their force for the better.
We explore the realms of Light and how to attract the beneficent presence of Angels in your life.
When we understand our relationship to the planets, we can use their influence to advance our aspirations and plans instead of trying to swim against the cosmic tide. Knowing which planet rules your life gives you an advantage you need in planning new initiatives, new relationships or new stages in your life.

We learn the Laws of 3, 7 and 12 and the Law of the Triangle which is a practice to manifest your goals on the earth plane.
Learn how to invoke Angelic Presence and receive the help of the beings of the Invisible World.

This is a ‘LIVE’ experiential Kabbalistic workshop powered by Sacred Yoga Practice. It is Zoom free Zone. The space is very important for this workshop which is why we all have to be in it to get it.

Tarifs : 49 euros vendredi – 99 euros samedi – 129 euros vendredi & samedi 

Réservation via Mindbody-Satnam Montmartre