A workshop with Siri Sat Kaur

À Satnam Montmartre et sur zoom, Mardi 21 mars 2023 de 19h à 21h30

The Spring equinox is one of the four most powerful times of the year offering an accessible spiritual gateway for growth, renewal, purification, and balancing the feminine aspects of the human system. The potent cosmic portal that opens during the Spring Equinox is an auspicious time to plant seeds to balance our energies during the next 3 months for better health, harmony, and abundance. Let us gather for powerful Kundalini yoga and meditation practices that attract these qualities to the deepest levels of our psyche while resetting and reigniting our attention and intention.  Let us bring in the beautiful fresh energy of Spring to give ourselves newfound stability and to bless ourselves and the sacred earth mother.

Tarif : 49 euros à Satnam Montmartre en présentiel et 29 euros en ligne
Réservation via Mindbody-Satnam Montmartre