Un workshop avec Guru Dharam

À Satnam Montmartre et en ligne, le 18 février de 15h à 18h et le 19 février de 11h à 17h

This experiential workshop contrasts the practical and theoretical methodologies of Shamanic practice, Yogic Sadhanas and the Kundalini transmission.

We will look at how the following phenomena relate to more conventional yogic models:

The Dome of Light, the Upper World, the Instinctual Self, the Luminous Cocoon, the Navel Point, the Merkebah, the Body of Light, the Assemblage Point, Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Journeying to the Lower World, Receiving Medicine, Recapitulation and the Circle of Counsel.

And where do Gurus fit in to all of this?

Guru Dharam has been teaching practical metaphysics for decades sharing authentic teachings with clarity and impact.

All are welcome.

Tarifs : 

  • en présentiel à Satnam Montmartre : 49 euros le samedi, 79 euros le dimanche et 108 euros samedi & dimanche  
  • sur zoom : 29 euros le samedi, 59 euros le Dimanche et 88 euros samedi & dimanche 

Réservation via Mindbody-Satnam Montmartre