Un workshop avec Siri Sat

À Satnam Montmartre et en ligne, le 16 octobre de 19h à 21h30

Join us for profound inner transformation and to experience the blissful realm of ecstasy through Naam Simran (Divine Chanting). Embrace heightened awareness and deepen your spiritual connection in this unique experience.

Our dynamic kriya, powerful breathwork, and soulful meditation awaken dormant energies, raising your vibration to a new frequency. Experience the ecstatic union of body, mind, and spirit, unlocking boundless joy and inner peace.

All are welcome to open to a new dimension of consciousness and step into a new dimension of consciousness and existence with Naam Simran, opening the gate to ecstasy and lasting joy.

Tarifs : 29 euros en ligne et 49 euros en présentiel à Satnam Montmartre

Réservation via Mindbody-Satnam Montmartre