Jeudi 21 novembre 2019 « Rebirthing into our full potential: A Renewed Self Concept »
18h00 à 21h00

“ This is going to clean you out no matter what you do. You won’t be the same person, because that person is an enemy made up of self- constructed fear”.

Yogi Bhajan, on “A Renewed Self Concept” workshop.

A new time is dawning upon us. The energies of the Age of Aquarius are increasing and bring inevitable changes with it. Dynamics and attitudes of the past start to not work anymore and bring suffering and frustration if we try to sustain them by force.  It leaves us with two choices. Either we start to thrive by flowing with the Universe and rise into the full potential of our human existence or we try to keep things how they were and keep blocking us for the changes that are happening all around and within us.  But the moment we start to listen to the inner voice of our soul and walk the path, miracles happen, healing happens, prosperity enters our lives and we start to thrive. The one thing that prevents us from listening to that inner voice is our fear. Through this workshop, we will remove that fear so that you can reinvent yourself to your full potential and exercise your free will.

In this workshop, Moon and Hansu Jot will take you through  a conscious process of releasing the blocks of your subconscious mind field utilizing the Kundalini yoga technology as taught by Yogi Bhajan; Aligning your mind with  a Pranayama, a Physical kriya and meditation. Using the deep healing effects of live Sacred Sound and Mantra Chanting to unfold our true potential in these blessed and transformative times. This will create the space to open ourselves for the meditative communication with our soul. In this state of continuous listening we are able to apply our intuition and just know what is there to know and feel what is there to feel. It is the state of a self sensory human being and the state of the Human of the Aquarian Age.

Be you and walk the path of your destiny – a deeply transformative workshop to unfold the true potential of your being.

May we have the courage to look honestly at our blocks and allow to let them go
May we walk with compassion in our hearts to elevate each other
May we be humble and stay connected to the Love that binds our very existence in the sweet vibration of the Holy Song.

Moon is the founder of the Yoga of Prana and she is a Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher by the KRI. Moon has been practicing yoga and meditation under a trainer teacher since her early childhood. Her teaching style is inspired by building strong sadhana sacred mantras.
Besides being a kundalini yoga teacher, she is helping public and private companies to adopt blockchain and artificial intelligence through her company Doctrina. She also advises startups in social entrepreneurship and fin-tech sector internationally.

Hansu Jot is born in Hamburg, Germany with a Taiwanese mother and German father. Through his mother, he very early came in touch with Buddhism and Mantras and later decided to dive into the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Naad Yoga (Yoga of divine sound).
His incredible music is a deep healing in itself. Hansu regularly plays at The European festival, Sat Nam Fest and many other festivals around the world. Hansu Jot has released two solo albums so far.  » I am I am : The movement »and “ To the Stars and Back”.

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Réservation via Mindbody-Satnam Montmartre