Vendredi 10 janvier 2020 de 19.00 à 21.30

This workshop is especially timed to coincide with the first full moon of the year which is also a powerful eclipse portal in the sign of Cancer.

Full Moons are the times that our psyche is most receptive to healing and this becomes even more potent at an eclipse. Cancer is ruled by the moon, symbolised by the crab she has a hard shell but a soft yielding heart. Cancer’s element is water, sensitive and imaginative this sign feels deeply. but is fiercely protective her shadow energy is defensiveness and a unhealthy attachment to the past.

This full moon is transformation time, no more hiding under our shells. Using carefully selected Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and the magic mantra to reverse negativity. We are going to ride the waves of this celestial energy, to integrating our emotional states, taking us beyond the games of the mind to guide our life force into the third eye for great intuition and breakthroughs.

Kiranjot studies astrology and teaches Kundalini Yoga full time in London. She loves to make these powerful teachings accessible to all and helps people apply them in their lives to make everyday magical.

L’atelier sera traduit en français par Kiran Kaur.

Tarif : 45 euros.
Réservation via Mindbody-Satnam Montmartre